Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Coming Event, Part 3

A WINDOW OF TIME IS OPENING. Cosmic and physical forces are converging that will set in motion an entirely new direction for Earth and its inhabitants. Not unlike the magic moment when the universe was created— called the Big Bang by scientists—another “act” of creation will occur within twenty seven years. Clearly it will occur in the lifetimes of the majority of those presently on the planet.

Looking back, time has accelerated greatly in the past fifty years. In the next twenty seven years it will speed up exponentially. What will happen in the next ten years alone will make the past fifty years seem like an ice age. How fast can time accelerate? There is a singular point time is moving toward. Like an object moving faster than the speed of light, time will bend back on itself and appear to stop—at least for a moment. One Eternal Moment. But within that single moment, every question of life and God will be answered. Those experiencing the sensation will think they are hallucinating. Others will harness its potential to their soul’s advantage. Everything will change as mankind’s perception takes an abruptly different course.

Some won’t understand. As a natural reaction to events they witness over the next twenty seven years, they will attempt to gain control of their lives in a number of irrational ways. But in their reactionary state, they will make poor decisions for themselves and others. Twenty seven years—it will seem like an eternity, for the Coming Event will open the fragile membrane of the collective consciousness, and that which has been gestating there for the past 5,000 years of planetary history will become spherical in relation to linear time. All the events of ingrained matter will reconfigure themselves to a state of overwhelming insight for those who are prepared. Words will lose their meaning. Karma will come to bear. Some lives will instantly vanish. Those who have the greatest issues of control will be pressed to let go or lose their minds.

The Coming Event is the impact of consciousness reaching critical point in its evolution. It has happened before, but never with seven billion souls living on the planet. The impact of such an event will be for some totally liberating, others horrendously devastating, and for most, somewhere in between. Those in between will feel the greatest pain until they decide to move toward one or the other pole. Each pole, as with the magnetic poles of Earth, will be safe havens. However, poles of consciousness can exist at any point in time and space. In other words, there are safe havens on the planet, but to find them one must first liberate his or her consciousness. There must be no fear, attachment, or loss of love for others. Only peace of mind.

The Coming Event is the culmination of everything that has been, is, and will be. Nothing else matters at the moment of the Moment. If it does, that state of attachment will attract a corresponding weight that will cause harm. Letting go as time speeds ahead prepares the soul to launch itself from its physical platform. Hold on and doors will close around you. Make it your intention to resolve as much as you possibly can before the first act begins. The signs of the Coming Event are everywhere. Break through to see the alternate reality that is creating the stage for the Event. And though that which is building up will become evident to you, there will be nothing you can do to stop it, only find a safe place to ride it out. That place is in your consciousness—deep at its core where all that is real originates.

The illusion of third dimensional reality at this juncture in time cannot sustain itself within the fragile parameters of the quantum field. Its constructs are breaking down. And like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis, decay is rapidly occurring in order for the butterfly to emerge in spring. What you suspect is coming, is. Change your beliefs to change any negative outcome in your life. Are you prepared to let all your illusions go? What is it that you are still attached to? Don’t become too weepy thinking of all that you will need to relinquish. In reality, nothing is lost—just transcended, then transformed. That state of transformation will be your reward for all the work you have done to free your soul over many lifetimes on Earth and in alternate dimensions. Prepare by not preparing. Let everything be. Join us at the Center of the Eternal Now. It is your safe haven no matter what happens.

Pay attention to the signs. Read, observe, and meditate. Resolve, let go, be balanced. Make it easy on yourself. No place prepared need be secured—only that place of retreat in your heart and mind. The Event cannot at this time be pinned down by what, where, or when. It will be different for everyone. It will be an experience not unlike being born or dying. In the process of both, letting go makes for a smooth transition. The Event will cause you no pain unless attracted by your fear.

How will you prepare? Guidance will be conveyed in this book. Read and reread what is being conveyed to your heart and mind. When you do, in time, the answers to your most difficult questions will come as easily as a child finding happiness. Be open to what is said between the lines. Our One Voice is the same voice you carry in your heart. Consult your heart often and the Coming Event will seem like a soft dream. Once you awake, the world will be as you imagined. Imagine well.

Within twenty seven years all the work you have accomplished in every lifetime, in every relationship, by your striving to rise from your lower nature to access your Higher Self will come to fruition. This is the time you have been waiting for, been born to witness, sensed would happen all your life. And why now? To those who have been striving, this is your reward. But don’t get too heady. There’s much more on the other side to explore and contemplate, construct and dismantle, understand and discard. And if you believe you are happy now, wait until your wings spread and you are able to fly as you once did. The Coming Event—that singular point in the collective consciousness—will open the door. Reality will never be the same for those who are prepared.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Coming Event, Part 2

AT DEEPER SPIRITUAL LEVELS, EVERYONE is anxiously anticipating something monumental about to unfold. There’s a collective sense—verging on anxiety for some—that whatever is rounding the evolutionary bend will be more profound than anything previously known to have occurred in their lives. Exactly how it will play out no one can say with certainty. Whatever it is, most agree that it will dramatically change everything. Though such a paradigm shift—positive or negative—has been predicted for thousands of years in myth and sacred texts, and today through the analysis of geological, archeological, and astronomical findings, only now are those on Earth realizing it will likely occur in their lifetimes. The evidence is overwhelming. With advanced scientific instruments, the speed of internet communication, mankind’s heightened spiritual attunement, and an expanded understanding of quantum mechanics, evidence of a major change about to happen on the planet is more conclusive than ever.

Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly weakening, losing ten percent of its overall strength in just the past one hundred years. Though ten percent is far from critical mass, such a loss is significant. Each percentage point the field weakens, the faster it decays. The process could reach a tipping point within the next twenty seven years if an increase of carbon emissions into the atmosphere further compromises Earth’s magnetic field. Exacerbating the problem, solar storms have intensified in recent decades and they are expected to strengthen during the same period that the field is weakening. Solar flares eject massive clouds of electrically-charged particles into space. When these particles enter Earth’s atmosphere, they cause havoc to the magnetic field. Over the past three decades, they have disrupted power grids and satellite communications. Intense solar pulses could conceivably shut down large portions of Earth’s electromagnetic infrastructure as well as destroy stored computerized data. On such a scale, the planet would be immobilized. With computers and communications systems down, it would set in motion a chain reaction of devastating effects.

Those who live where streams of geomagnetic energy are weaker tend to be the avant garde of expanded awareness and innovation. Consider the low-magnetic coastline cities between southern California and northern Washington—an area the field is weak. From the movie-producing capital of Los Angeles, to the politically-charged towns of Santa Barbara, Berkley, and San Francisco, to the software and computer capitals of Silicon Valley and Seattle, innovation springs. What will happen if the entire planet loses a larger percentage of its magnetic field? Barring a reversal of the North and South poles, life on Earth would become a hotbed of creativity and expanded consciousness. And though some scientists believe the planet is in the process of a polar shift, the poles could be recalibrated by a shift to higher consciousness, reduction of greenhouse gases, and innovations that allow humanity to live in balance with nature.

One reason everyone senses something big about to happen is that there are millions of tiny magnetic particles vibrating in the human brain that connect to every other person, the sun, and to every magnetic field in the universe. These tiny particles, resonating in concert with Earth’s magnetic field, create a highly sensitive network between life forms, physical and spiritual. In resonating with one’s physical environment and the collective consciousness, whatever one thinks and feels is instantaneously transmitted throughout this network. So if everyone is sensing something big about to happen, that pulsation of knowledge has validity and must be taken seriously. The big question is: will that “something” break through into physical reality or will physical reality break through to higher dimensions? The answer depends on each one’s karmic filters.

For a clearer picture of what human evolution might look like in the near future, one must take inventory of the major breakthroughs that have expanded human consciousness over the past five hundred years. With the dissolution of fiefdoms resulting in more individuals owning land, the spread of democracy throughout the world, the invention of the personal computer, and the expansion of the world wide web, each event has been instrumental in breaking down the barriers between individuals, groups, and countries—barriers that not only caused physical divisions between humans but divisions in their psyches. In this age, instead of being subjected to the rule of inequality, more are taking responsibility for their lives. This is spiritual progress in the making. Factor in the scientific, medical, and technological innovations about to become reality, and freedom has no other place to go but forward, upward, and inward. Observe the ways in which individuals and groups treat one other today compared with even fifty years ago and the coming Event begins to make logical sense. And though there’s more freedom on the planet today than in any past recorded age, taking responsibility for oneself—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—is the next phase of planetary evolution. As a result, mankind will enter the Age of Wisdom—the obvious expansion of the Age of Information.

Over the centuries, each planetary breakthrough that expanded personal freedom came as a result of overcoming ignorance, intolerance, judgment, and most of all pride. Presently, the majority on Earth are evolving toward a state of greater acceptance of one another. In the absolute sense, souls are integrating with cosmic law. The natural state of consciousness seeks ways to resonate fully with God despite the ego throwing up barriers in the road. Considering the present alignment of stars and planets, and the baring of the galactic core in 2012, at a time when barriers are dissolving between individuals and freedom is expanding on the planet, what comes next is inevitable: the breakthrough of human consciousness to higher dimensions. And the coming Event will open the door.

Putting all of history's evolutionary breakthroughs into the mix, how might the future unfold? Despite mankind's spiritual and technological progress, there’s plenty of unfinished business in the realms of human relationships. Because of that, the future will undoubtedly take its own healing course in that direction. Until relationships are on the road to harmony, mankind's evolution will meander aimlessly along the precipice as it always has. But consider how the world would change if everyone decided to make a greater effort to get along? Only then would life in the third dimension become a joyous place to hang one’s hat.

Until that day, consider a world where the focus from birth to death centers on evolving the soul rather than creating division with others. A world where everyone devotes their time and talents to helping others rather than amassing wealth to insulate themselves. A world where everyone is free from want, and time is used to fulfill one's higher purpose. A world made up of respectful and supportive communities with easy access to wise elders. A world where each one manifests their needs by the powers of will and affirmation. A world existing in harmony with nature.

Or a world where telepathy is the mode of communication with those on Earth and those in higher dimensions. A world where one travels through time to mend karmic flaws or reconsider a different path. A world where the future unfolds in harmony with the Divine Directive.

Ramblings of a mad prophet? Musings of poet having lost his bearings? Hardly. These are utopian realities of the higher dimensions that exist parallel to the matter sphere. Farfetched? So were spaceships to the moon, cell phones, and laptops less than fifty years ago. Only when the majority on Earth assimilate these universal concepts and higher ideals in their consciousness as real possibilities will evolution move forward.

As mankind speeds toward a singular point in his evolution, propelling him closer in union with God, his sense of inner confirmation becomes increasingly pronounced. Even at his present evolutionary level he is capable of relying more on intuition than pure intellect. If only he were more Self trusting. As is known, those who rely on the balance of intuition and intellect effortlessly draw to themselves life's wisdom. Such is the path of spiritual mastery.

However, not everyone interprets their inner sense of the Event positively. Many view the world, government, and the motives of others with extreme suspicion. They see life through a half empty glass fearing evolution’s changes. Powerless, they believe the world is coming to an abrupt end. What’s rising on the horizon is more the Eve of Destruction than the Dawn of Correction. Because of their karmic resonance with the illusions of life, they subscribe to a myriad of negative scenarios: nuclear Armageddon, global pandemics, a one world dictatorship. Some believe a comet or asteroid will roar out from behind the sun and obliterate civilization. On the milder end of fear’s spectrum, others look to the Middle East for signs of Jesus’ Second Coming. They believe that if they are good they will ascend to heaven in a state of rapture while nonbelievers are left behind to burn in an eternal hell.

When those who operate from their egos are threatened—in real or imagined ways—their minds conjure up an endless stream of fearful scenarios for their lives and the planet. By succumbing to their ego’s seductive reasoning, they allow images of the lower astral plane to loop endlessly through their consciousness. Images that permeate everything they think, say, and do. Having placed their egos in charge, they become pawns in a game designed to milk them dry of their dreams and aspirations. By who or what? Entities of a different nature than those striving for oneness with God. And because the ego is ultimately ill-equipped to remedy complex negative scenarios, fear is magnified in irrational ways. Until one’s Higher Self takes charge, a hopeless picture of the future is presented. Their minds and emotions become clouded. The light that nourishes their souls dims. Having entered the astral plane’s House of Dark Illusions, these fearful individuals become susceptible to delusion, depression, disease, and ultimately an untimely death.

But because the Eternal Now is the epicenter of creation from which the Event, like trumpeting angels, originates, those who stand within its circle are protected. And since the Eternal Now is the door to union with God, those who cannot or will not enter remain at the mercy of what transpires outside its protective walls. By their karma, they will attract whatever chaos the coming Event churns up.

Those who view their personal circumstances and relationships from the positive end of the spectrum believe the world is only getting better. They are optimistic about life at the core of their being. And though they sense that something big looms on the horizon, most have not connected the dots between what that might be and how it's designed to evolve their souls. To them, life is following prescribed rules of social conduct and performing time-honored rituals such as securing an education, working a job, raising a family, attending religious services, and volunteering in their communities. They are relatively decent people who live quiet and unpretentious lives. Regardless of their social standing, they represent a large portion of the planetary population.

And though they might attend religious services regularly or merely live by the Golden Rule, rarely do they delve deeply into spiritual matters, for it gives them an uncomfortable feeling. Mostly, they depend on religious, government, and professional leaders to guide them. And because they focus primarily on physical reality, they see the future unfolding in terms of personal gratification. They believe life will get better through science, medicine, government, and various forms of entertainment. So unless a devastating circumstance occurs in their lives such as losing a loved one through death or divorce, being diagnosed with an incurable disease or paralyzed from an accident that forces them to tap life’s deeper meaning, they exist without giving much thought to their higher purpose.

Regardless of social and religious programming, they have a vague sense that something big is about to happen on the planet. But because they are not fully fortified spiritually, believing power and influence comes from one’s position and possessions, their vision is clouded by the illusions of the third dimension. However, if pressed, a reoccurring scenario might be that intergalactic beings will descend in starships to impart their advanced knowledge and technology to the world. Or perhaps ancient scrolls will be discovered from a past civilization revealing the secrets of time travel or immortality.

Though most know themselves through the filters of their physical senses, evolution has its own agenda and timetables. From the perspective of higher dimensions, those without an understanding of the soul’s higher purpose live in a confined and confusing maze. As enlightened beings, having walked the spiritual path for countless lifetimes, let us assure you that enlightenment is within reach. Though most on Earth are optimistic for the future, a positive one will involve a fierce determination. As with anything yet to come, the future is up in the air, so to speak. Though most envision greater progress being made toward oneness with all, only a small, determined--yet growing—percentage of souls are presently taking responsibility for a positive outcome. It does require making tough decisions and hard work to change.

The time is drawing near when everyone must realize their spiritual capacity and take more responsibility for their decisions and actions. Until a critical mass on Earth does, mankind will continue to exist in a netherland between ignorance and enlightenment. He will remain at the mercy of his ego and karmic circumstances. Those who continue to relegate their spiritual power to others will evolve, but slowly. And if those at the bottom of the totem pole don't make a determined effort, they will be left behind.

Awakened souls know that the Light of the coming Event will bring them closer to the Eternal Now, everyone’s source of love, wisdom, and spiritual power. Who wouldn’t want to be wiser in love, to find their soul mate and walk the path of contentment? Who wouldn’t want the key to unlock the secrets of life that transcend ignorance and suffering?

Those who intuit the coming Event in positive terms have already begun to bring their lives into balance and shore up their relationships. In their own capacity they strive to bring peace into the world. In emphasizing what everyone has in common with one another and nature, the illusions of the world begin to recede. As they do, because all in the absolute sense are one, those who prey on others stand naked in the Light. Groups, institutions, and religions that cause separateness through hatred, judgment, shame, or fear are being exposed.

Advanced souls realize the power of their minds and hearts and the effect they have in changing the quantum particles that make up physical reality. Through the ages these enlightened servants of mankind have been instrumental in laying the groundwork for the coming Event through unselfish acts of love, and service in their respective fields. Those in the arts and sciences, as well as politicians and those who maintain lifelong spiritual commitments, strive to awaken those who live only to gratify their lower senses, and empower those who do not think for themselves.

The Event will be the catalyst for the expansion of higher planetary evolution. Yes, there will be chaos. But after the breakthrough and reconstruction, most will realize the virtue of focusing their thoughts and imaginations into modalities that free themselves and others from mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage—for spiritual resonance is the precursor to every manifestation in matter. Knowing what potent affect each one’s visions, thoughts, and actions have in creating reality now and in the future, greater discernment of purpose will prevail on Earth. As a result, a purified collective consciousness will replace the old, limiting paradigms of greed and war with those that set the stage for a long period of peace and prosperity.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pray for Istanbul

Why write anything regarding what you’ve seen? The fact remains it will happen regardless. Everything is part of a larger plan that is difficult to escape. From our perspective there needn’t be any finger pointing in explaining such disasters. Those with attunement will leave; those continuing to curse the night will stay and die.

Across the planet pressure is building. Where and how its energy will be released is anybody’s guess. However, after it happens, scientists will say the evidence that caused it made perfect geological sense. The only way to know ahead of time is to observe the fault lines presently under pressure in mankind’s consciousness.

What good will it do to warn anyone? You would only be tampering with freewill. Unless a clean break is made in spiritual evolution, the same souls will continue suffering the effects of periodic dimensional shifts. It’s not God’s will that so many will suffer or die needlessly. Stagnating energy cannot be imprisoned forever.

If Turkey doesn’t shift by summer’s end, shaking will rattle Indonesia or China. If buildings don’t topple near Los Angeles by November, America’s south will reap nature’s wrath. Somewhere, someplace rents in the spiritual sheath from ages past are under pressure. Unless energy is released, planetary seams will rip.

Most of those who die from such calamities shoot back into Spirit, remain awhile, then leave quickly to be born in the same cradles. They haven’t found a way out of their dark dreams, so they repeat them over and over again. So by their freewill, we patch them up and send them back. Soon this pattern will come to an end.

Unfortunately, what will happen will happen. Far too much unmitigated karma has been set in motion for even us to stop totally. Somewhere, somehow the effects must play out in physical reality; otherwise we’re left holding the proverbial bag. What can we do that we haven’t already tried with so much resistance to evolution?

Yes, it’s burdensome knowing the outcome of events beforehand. But that’s part and parcel of living in Spirit and matter. The best you can do is awaken as many as possible to the fulfillment of their divine purpose in the way you know how. Begin with those living in places that keep them from knowing themselves.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Coming Event, Part I

THE COMING EVENT IS AS SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND as it is paradoxical. Simple, because, intuitively, it will open the “space” needed for the next logical expansion of mankind’s collective consciousness. Paradoxical because, for those who think and reason linearly, it’s impossible to envision exactly how such a breakthrough to the fourth dimension will affect the Earth. This is certain: How the Event initially impacts the planet is still unknown; but afterwards, regardless of how it turned out, its full effect will be felt for ages to come.

When mankind’s collective consciousness finally breaks through to the higher realms, life on Earth will be dramatically transformed. But unless a critical mass of souls act quickly and in unison to channel their thoughts and actions to create a saner, more balanced world, the breech between dimensions will cause unnecessary chaos and suffering. Like memory on a computer’s hard drive requiring periodic upgrades to handle increasingly more complex programs, the additional “space” the Event opens up will allow mankind to evolve more directly toward oneness with all.

Those spiritually attuned foresee the Event heralding a golden age, though the full blossom of that vision is far into the future. Some believe the Event will “take them up” to where they will spend eternity in heavenly bliss. In contrast, those who use their egos as reference points, predict the Event in catastrophic terms. Both scenarios are somewhat farfetched from the perspective of spiritual hierarchy. It will likely be somewhere in between, given mankind’s quotient of planetary karma still requiring mitigation, accumulation of evolutionary credit, and divine grace. As well, the Event will unlikely come as a massive rip in the quantum field forcing those on Earth to spill out of the third dimension into space like unbelted passengers near an open door on a pressurized jet.

More likely it will occur over time as small, calculated breeches so to maintain planetary equilibrium. Spiritual beings of the higher dimensions will assist in every way to stabilize the planet, for there’s too much to lose if Earth fails. As each smaller breech widens the portal between dimensions, time between breeches will give everyone on Earth an opportunity to catch their breath and reevaluate their lives.

Given cosmic timetables, astronomical configurations, and the singular point toward which consciousness on Earth is moving, the Event will certainly play itself out within the lifetimes of many living on the planet today.

Despite the support of those in Spirit, mankind’s present state of consciousness is sorely unprepared to dovetail neatly into the Aquarian Age. The transition from an ego-centric reality to one that promotes oneness with all will require unprecedented change. Without exception, the time and circumstances required will challenge every soul to their limits. Despite the chaos the Event will initially bring to every level of existence, higher consciousness on Earth is nearing a tipping point that will more directly propel mankind toward an ideal world. A breakthrough to the fourth dimension is imminent. Those who keep the spiritual balance must continue to do so with greater vigilance.

The approaching breakthrough, combined with the aftermath effects of an upcoming astronomical conjunction, will eventually push large chunks of the third dimension into the mouth of infinite realty. Regardless of how the Event plays itself out, either gently over the next half century or as a series of jarring breeches, the change it will bring will be the official opening act of the Aquarian Age. How it affects each one on the planet will depend on their level of spiritual attunement and their mental and emotional capacity to cope with dramatic change.

Early effects of the coming Event are presently being felt in every system and discipline on Earth. Fourth dimensional paradigms are already transforming the ways in which people think, create, and interact with one another. At every level of receptivity, individuals are being prodded on inner levels to shore up their positive attributes, shed wasteful habits, and resolve once and for all ancient conflicts with others.

On a global scale, the ways in which technology and science are bringing people closer together, goods and services are created and distributed, and information is gathered and processed is forcing dysfunctional countries, corporations, and institutions to be more accountable to those they serve. The world is rapidly transitioning itself from one of disparity to that of equality. There are more opportunities for souls to evolve in their unique ways than ever before. Increasingly, individuals are appreciated more for their humanitarian contributions than what they’ve accumulated.

Those who have succumbed to primitive human nature fear what lies beyond the horizon. This is understandable, given what they believe they must give up having to change the focus and direction of their lives. At this karmic vibration, whatever challenges their beliefs magnifies their anxiety. For the most part, these are not irresponsible, evil, or stupid individuals but those with difficulty seeing beyond the circles they have drawn for themselves in the sand. When forced to make life-changing decisions, they initially overreact. If more than their egos can handle, they retreat to their castles. And if unable to resolve their fear over time, they withdraw further into soothing traditions and delusional thinking.

Primitive methods of coping with the coming Event’s changes simply won’t work. The harder one struggles against the onslaught of change, the weaker the ground becomes beneath their feet. Unable to support their weight, they will be left with two choices at that critical moment: Do nothing and slip into a dark karmic abyss below, or become resolute and reach out through the wall of their resistance and firmly clasp the hand of a patient angel on the other side.

Consciousness is in a perpetual state of flux. In a free-radical universe conformity does not assure happiness. In Spirit and matter, atoms and electrons continually rearrange their vibration to accommodate every new situation and circumstance in your life. Give your consciousness free reign to adapt to the constant stream of change coursing through you. Resistance is tantamount to death.

Also, never allow outward appearances to fool you. Though some appear to resist change, in reality, they are battling on the eternal stage for their souls to be free. As a result, all of life is a Shakespearian play. So with the help of others and life‘s perfectly-tailored circumstances, the chances are in everyone’s favor their souls will emerge the hero. From third dimensional perspective, changes seem to take forever; appearing “just in the nick of time” for those unaware of the enormous spiritual preparation required to move one stone on its side. For this reason patience has always been one of life’s most important virtues.

Because change and consciousness are synonymous, and consciousness must continually expand, the coming Event, with all its upheaval, will bring greater peace, love, and happiness to those on Earth. Because mankind’s collective thoughts and deeds throughout the ages brought him to the threshold of this new reality, nothing can stop the Event. All anyone has control over is the way in which it unfolds. But who would want to stop evolution? Resistance to change causes pain and suffering. Since the beginning of time, evolution toward enlightenment has always been mankind’s unique destiny.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Awaken to Your Inner Power

APPEARING GOOD SO OTHERS LOVE YOU, participating in uninspiring religious rituals to secure your place in heaven, keeping your heart half open, or pinning all your hopes on a messiah at the expense of direct contact with God diminishes your happiness and power. If your soul is to break free of the planetary hold, as it must, you need do more than follow a rote path to God. You must actively seek to know yourself and your purpose on Earth in more intimate ways. This is the true path of spiritual mastery.

In these times of uncertainty seek greater peace within. In preparation for the coming Event, it is necessary to expand your heart and mind beyond their present limitations. Draw truth from a multitude of sources, not from one holy book, one comfortable church, or one inspiring teacher. Expand your internal core of wisdom and knowledge by questioning more deeply and allowing your heart to answer in the time it takes. By doing so, a previously inaccessible reality comes into view. By crossing the bridge of consciousness to the Eternal City, climbing its initiatory steps and walking through its arched entryway, you will come upon a massive golden square where shimmering-robed beings of every level of spiritual mastery go about their business. Beings not unlike the wise souls described in books or depicted in movies. Within their souls, business and joy are intertwined in the task at hand—that of assisting humanity’s evolution. Focusing attention on that harmonious scene, your destiny on Earth becomes instantly and clearly apparent, as does the path you must take to its fulfillment. And no one can take that memory from you. The direction of your life will change forever. That which had superficial meaning in your life will dissolve. A higher set of guidelines will dictate your thoughts and actions. Those in your presence will recognize that something about you has changed for the better, and as a result they will change in your presence.

By establishing a daily connection to this etheric dimension, your hidden talents will bloom in its light. Your perceived failings will reveal themselves as valuable lessons. And what you considered personal limitations will unfold as humble opportunities. Taking your destiny to the next spiritual level, your physical body will be enveloped in an ethereal light, the vibration of which will attract all that you need to succeed in your quest to be whole again. Having ever believed there was no other purpose in life other than eating, sleeping and dreaming, you will weep knowing otherwise.

Consciousness is Always Evolving

WHEN DEATH ARRIVES and you vacate your physical body, your soul will automatically rise in Spirit to the vibration you earned while in embodiment. And if your thoughts and actions were off the mark, you will sleep for a time in the comfort of your mind’s karmic illusions, attended by ministering beings. But at some point you will awaken in much the same manner as one who awakens on Earth to their spiritual path. How long it takes, and why, is unique to each soul. Perhaps those you left behind are praying that your soul moves on, or the heavy shadow of a planetary alignment finally passes. Whatever the catalyst, your consciousness becomes aroused. You begin to sense there is something more to life than what you are presently experiencing. With renewed motivation, your soul awakens like Lazarus to resume its journey back to God.

There is never a point in consciousness when the soul ceases to evolve, though many do not evolve as quickly as they should. Yet everyone is given ample time and opportunities to catch up with their evolutionary timetables. But with a new age churning the sea of matter, those timetables have been accelerated. Without exception, you must open your mind further and make wiser decisions for your soul to come into alignment with the Aquarian vibration. Those afraid to emerge from their cocoons will fall behind the evolutionary curve. Anyone remaining longer than cosmic law allows will be culled from those souls destined to enter Aquarius by virtue of their preparation.

Your Spiritual Mission

IN THE PROCESS OF EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS, the soul becomes less and less dependant on time and space to evolve. Once its final initiations on the physical plane are successfully passed, it will no longer be necessary to re-embody, having transmuted a critical mass of karma. You are then free to reside in the finer dimensions of Spirit where subtler initiations are presented. However, there are souls having mastered the laws of time and space who voluntarily return to advance humanity’s evolution in their unique ways. But regardless of one’s level of attainment, returning to the matter sphere requires exceptional physical, mental, and emotional stamina.

Because karmic laws are so exacting, many souls awaken to their spiritual missions later in life. The reasons are as varied as the number of stars shining in the heavens. A common one is that a small karmic pebble is lodged in the sole of the spiritual shoe that hobbles them. Until removed, their larger mission remains on hold. That doesn’t mean they are helpless in their circumstances—on the contrary. Though it may take most of their lives and countless good works to balance the karmic scales, they bide their time in joyful anticipation while a strong sense of mission guides their decisions and actions.

Another reason many start late is that they must wait for an astrological configuration of stars to align that provides additional spiritual support. Without such an alignment, any prior effort would fall short of the goal, and so for these, patience is the test.

And though other souls start their missions early because they possess spiritual attainment in a given area, regardless of why or when, everyone who exists in the third dimension must be wary of its distracting illusions. Because of the mental and emotional creations projected by billions of souls on Earth, past and present, there is much confusion and contradiction. Taken as a whole, it’s understandable why so many are disoriented from birth. The sensation of dipping one’s soul into matter’s reflective sea is no different than being pulled into the vortex of a strong whirlpool. As a result, no one is completely immune to the dangers of matter’s force swirling around them. And because everyone sails a unique course back to God, even those with great attainment need to take extra precautions to keep their spiritual compasses pointing North. For your protection and direction, enter the Eternal Now, heaven’s lifeline, for spiritual attunement correlates directly to the strength of that connection.

Greater Discipline Required

THE SPIRALING CONSCIOUSNESS OF MANKIND is presently tilting slightly but irrevocably toward the sun. This ten thousandth degree rise may seem insignificant, but such an elevation has incalculable ramifications for every soul on the planet. Because the Earth is absorbing higher concentrations of sunlight, the additional rise in temperature is stressing her protective sheath creating atomic “cracks” in some quarters. As a result, higher concentrations of Galactic Cosmic Rays are penetrating Earth’s inner atmosphere, directly influencing the collective evolution. Higher concentrations of cosmic rays on the planet, though, is not the problem, as they are necessary to bring the Aquarian age into third-eye view. Heaven's concern is that nearly seven billion souls are not spiritually prepared for that which is to come. Witness bouts of isolated insanity and those regions on Earth where conflicts continue to prevail.

Greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discipline is required of everyone entering the Aquarian age. Childlike inquisitiveness and less emphasis on material possessions are ways to begin. Carrying less karmic baggage will make it easier to cope. Those continuing to think and act from old Piscean paradigms will be out of sync with Aquarian reality. Believe us, there are countless planes of existence whose inhabitants fell behind the spiritual eight ball and now find it difficult to escape. To avoid a similar fate, join with others of like mind to span the karmic abyss between matter and Spirit. It won’t be easy, given life’s cushions of security and comfort. Even those with spiritual mastery find navigating the crosscurrents and headwinds of the third dimension difficult. For your safety and the safety of those dependant on you, connect to your Higher Self in the protective field of the Eternal Now.

Life is Not a Haphazard Ordeal

TIME AND SPACE IS THE OUTER MIRROR of one’s consciousness. Here, each soul can process karmic lessons less evident in Spirit. Though fifty years alongside the incalculable scope of infinity amounts to little more than a falling eyelash in the grand scheme of cosmos, the ultimate power of time and space brings one’s karmic lessons into microscopic clarity. And if enough falling eyelashes coalesce to create an epiphany that frees your soul from having to embody again until you finally grasp a particular lesson, fifty years will have proved to be golden. By allowing time and space to harness consciousness the soul is then able to reflect deeply on lessons that must be passed for it to be free. This brings one closer to God. Though the Earth plane is a difficult environment, those who willingly descend from Spirit actually accelerate their evolution. And those who balance their karma ahead of time attract a corresponding degree of happiness, freedom, and love in both matter and Spirit. And if that soul’s stars are in alignment with the stars governing Earth at a time when the fate of humanity is hanging in the balance, that soul will be credited in spiritual realms (and sometimes in the physical) with having saved millions, if the soul’s karmic lesson lifted a weight on the planetary wing that results in bringing humanity back from the brink.

Those who willingly immerse themselves in the higher vibration of the Aquarian age will think and act more from fourth dimensional ideals that promote oneness with all. Those continuing to adhere to third dimensional thinking—separateness, shame, fear, guilt, judgment—will only cause themselves and others more pain and suffering. The purpose of embodying on Earth is to love yourself and others unconditionally—the primary force of evolution. Love is, was, and always will be the key to each one’s freedom. However, in the Aquarian age, love and power will be the test. Those who understand and balance these two forces in the light of wisdom will undoubtedly appreciate their time on Earth more than those who operate in the old ways. In the logical sense, embodiment is never a haphazard ordeal. It took great will and sacrifice of your entire genetic lineage to position you at the forefront of this age. Your existence is no accident, but the result of a specific plan for someone with your unique wisdom, talents, and experiences. That plan, of course, takes into account every soul on Earth as well as those in Spirit. But do not dwell on the billions of souls that equation might encompass, for God thinks as highly of you as any other. Yet, you must consider where you fall on the evolutionary totem pole. If at the bottom, there’s little time to waste. You must begin in this moment to make major changes in your life. The same applies to those near the top. To free yourself further, you must help free those below you. If they are to be free, those above them are required to stretch themselves even more. Unconditional love of self and others is the key. As you apply the rudimentary laws of love in your life, your power will naturally come into play. If during the transition between ages souls at the bottom of the totem pole are not brought into the fold quickly and lovingly, they will eventually need to be cut loose. The coming Event will see to that.

All Reality is a Version of Heaven

WHEN A KARMIC PEBBLE IS FINALY DISSOLVED, life’s ultimate purpose breaks through like sunshine on a cloudy day. Essential to everyone’s happiness is contentment—the acceptance of what is and what isn’t. How is that possible in a seemingly hard and uncompromising world? When you solve that riddle, those in heaven will not only reveal themselves but work with you to create a better world for all. Fulfilling your purpose on Earth also fulfills your purpose in heaven. Dying without having made progress on Earth sets you back as many lifetimes as it takes to understand that heaven is a state of consciousness and not a place to hang your laurels. Whether your soul is traversing matter or Spirit you will receive the same lessons over and over again until you master them. To believe you must exit the Earth as soon as you can, because you believe heaven far superior, places limits on everything you think, say, and do. Until you believe that every dimension of reality is a version of heaven, you will continue cycling back to the point where you failed the lesson. This is the main reason so many on Earth require so many embodiments.

You could eliminate years of karmic pain and suffering simply by tweaking your thoughts and emotions to resonate more with your ideal version of heaven. Or overcome a small, unhealthy habit, which having done so, enhances your happiness, or over time saves your life. Start by taking inventory of the rules by which you live. Keep in mind that the only rules ultimately worth following are those that keep you steady on the path to Self realization. All others simply gratify the ego.

Connecting to the Eternal Now

KNOWING WHAT TO DO OR WHERE TO TURN at any given moment requires an unwavering connection to the wisdom and knowledge of the Eternal Now. Through unconditional love, discipline, meditation, and devotional living, you will begin to access this infinite dimension within, where at its center a white marble font pulses with inspiration and a reflecting pool provides your heart and mind guidance, often as the voice of reason. When in the midst of the Eternal Now, shadows of doubt and regret disappear. Here you are bathed in light, love, and comfort.

Open your heart to its contentment now by exercising a simple technique spiritual masters of every age and discipline have practiced for millenniums. Take a deep breath and hold it to the count of five. Exhale slowly and consciously while summoning your spiritual guides, angels, elementals, or devas that they might know you intimately. Repeat this exercise three times. With each inhalation observe how much more clearly everything appears. When reaching that softer level of integration with All, you will have entered the embrace of higher consciousness. This is a big step in your quest for enlightenment. An important effect of conscious breathing is that it clears the clutter from your mind and loosens the knots that restrict your heart. When opened at this level, you are at the gates of the Eternal City. Here God can speak to you directly.

Though breathing techniques offer entrance to the Eternal Now, countless other techniques work as well. Rituals associated with traditional religions—such as prayer, fasting, and devotional living—have, over the centuries, propelled many to a state heightened awareness. And though these methods have proved worthwhile in the quest of transcendence, they are effective only to a degree. Traditionally practiced by religious devotees who adhere to a strict set of beliefs formulated by others, prayer and penance are usually practiced to either curry favor with a harsh God or mitigate guilt. For those reasons, rather than assuming the more enlightened roles of co-creator with God or emissary of the spiritual realms, they can be restrictive to one’s evolution.

Be the Wise Shepherd

THEN THERE’S THE QUANDARY of relegating one’s authority to priestly or messianic intercessors. Those who purport to be God’s spiritual mouthpieces, whether rabbi, imam, priest, or guru, can potentially block the spiritual connection to God of those they influence. Many on Earth, though, are only beginning to awaken from their evolutionary slumber. To expand consciousness beyond the limitations of traditional religions, each must break free of the mindset of relying on others to make important spiritual decisions for them. Though drawing wisdom and knowledge to oneself by sitting under one’s own vine and fig tree is the mandate of the Aquarian age, it will take time for the majority on Earth to fully embrace that concept. In the interim, they will require intercessors. But ultimately, each person must awaken to his own inner power.

Without exception, everyone must take full responsibility for their misguided words and actions, make appropriate amends, and move on without guilt or shame. There are those who instill unworthiness in others to gain their allegiance. It must be assumed that any attempt to control another comes from the ego. Those who do allow others to control them at the expense of their freewill compromise, even sever their connection to their Higher Self.

The majority of Piscean structured religions, as they are presented today, will fall by the wayside in the Aquarian cycle. Once a critical number of souls break through to the higher spiritual dimensions and draw to themselves the wisdom, knowledge, and guidance needed for their evolution, old religious paradigms will cease to exist. Those who once found comfort in following others like sheep will be required in the Age of Aquarius to assume the role of the wise Shepherd.

Breaking Through the Wall of Resistance

THE SPIRITUAL PATH DIVIDES AT CRITICAL TIMES in everyone’s life. Whether due to an attempt to relieve suffering triggered by a personal crisis, or simply to expand happiness, real change demands action. But first you must decide: Do I continue on the same path that has caused me pain and sadness, or do I forge a new one through the wall of my resistance that leads to health and happiness?

Everyone knows intuitively what to do. Acting on that intuition is another matter. Do you stay with the old and continue to suffer, or be courageous and take another approach? Anything new is paralyzing to some. But if you relegate your power to those who think and decide for you, a large portion of your spiritual power is lost. You are then vulnerable to being manipulated in other areas of life. Over time you lose the essence who you are. Resistance to try something new is strong, and old beliefs so formfitting that they are difficult to escape, especially when confronted by a mountain of guilt or threatened with estrangement from family or friends. But break free you must.

As the vibration of the new age settles across the Earth, your soul must keep pace with the demands of its fourth dimensional requirements. Otherwise, you will drown in ignorance, unable to stay afloat due to spiritual inertia. The new age will require you to make decisions that not only benefit your evolution but everyone’s on the planet. And if your motives are pure, as they should be, those on Earth and in Spirit will support your quest in unimaginable ways. Those courageous enough to take the higher road through the center of their resistance to change will not only galvanize love and happiness for themselves but help keep balance in the earth. This is spiritual evolution—the primary focus of those in spiritual realms. And when your quest is in line with that of cosmic law, your power as a spiritual master becomes unlimited. More over, those in spiritual realms are able to work with you directly. Even those times when you fail, you will not be deterred in your quest to balance Spirit and matter. For spiritual power comes from taking full responsibility for your actions. You’ll pick yourself up, dust yourself off, make amends to those you affected, and then move forward having extracted wisdom from the lesson. The age upon you is one of spiritual power. Awaken to it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Visionary

You have the power to change the world as easily as you can change yourself. Believing otherwise, shows a lack of understanding of your spiritual potential. Change on Earth is occurring at breakneck speed. What’s been set in motion can only be redirected by a dedicated group of souls—which includes you.

What scientists say of Earth’s dire condition is true from the linear perspective of mankind’s present state of consciousness. Believing life on the planet will come to an apocalyptic end is a third dimensional projection. Granted, if man does not change his present course, the effects of his actions will become irrevocable.

You embodied at this time to help bring the planet into the new age. Remember? It’s your spiritual obligation to change the consciousness of seven billion souls—one at a time if necessary. Naturally, you must be the first to change. That should be easy, for you've already been on the path to change. Your present level of attainment is proof.

Where do you begin? By conserving. Doing so you help reduce waste on the planet. By walking instead of driving, you save fossil fuel and have more time to meditate on your surroundings—what better form of exercise?

See the world as a place your grandchildren will respect. Reject the gloomy ways others predict life will be in fifty years. Don’t fall prey to their negative view of the future. Think like Gandhi: He saw freedom for his people. Believe like Martin Luther King: He had hope for all mankind.

You’re no different than Gandhi or King. You have the power to envision the Earth as a Garden of Eden. Fly to the stars and ask God to add another day to His original seven that all might join together and love the Earth more. For time is of the essence.

You are capable. It’s a perfect world when you see it in the evolutionary sense. No one has the power to make everything perfect, just yet. However, you’re a wizard of the practical. Why not use your powers to inspire others to begin using theirs?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Presence on Earth Has a Purpose

Believing no one loves or understands you, or that you’re alone in the world, plays havoc with everyone’s emotions at times. If, while looking in the mirror, you find nothing but fault with yourself and others, know that it’s time to spend a day communing with nature to boost your appreciation of that which you are and that which you are not. Another method of discharging feelings of unworthiness—feelings unnatural to your Higher Self—is to process your blocked emotions in a journal.

When troubled by a deep sense of disconnection from life and others, know that your Higher Self, your connection to God emanating from the core of your being, has no other purpose than to affirm the reality and beauty of who you are. Acknowledging yourself as a spiritual being, your own Higher Self, offers a wider perspective of life.

Most live on faith, hoping when they die that the way they lived served a higher purpose. They hope to earn an exalted place in heaven, but hope in and of itself isn’t the straightest path to heaven’s gates. Hope grounded in wisdom and knowledge of cosmic law quickens the soul. But few pull back the curtains of time and space to glimpse the mechanics of life or know what karma they need to balance. Too few commune with cosmic beings, understand spiritual principals, or relate in more sensitive ways to those around them. Yet those in spirit continually pressure souls to open their hearts and minds to heaven’s wonders. By so doing they accelerate their souls exponentially.

Your presence on Earth has a purpose. As an embodied soul, you possess untapped talents that could easily change the world for the better. Unfortunately, many have traded their spiritual gifts for comfort and security. As a result, mankind’s evolution has not kept pace with cosmic timetables. But in your unique way, you have the power to enlighten the world. The obvious place to begin is with yourself. Start by unearthing that which needs to be released through positive avenues of expression. And though it may seem difficult at first to articulate, it will come with time with constancy. Bring to the fore your unique talents. Doing so, your soul will be free of karmic strangleholds, cultural oppressions, and those you unwittingly allow to control you. Once free, your soul will fly to the summit of the mountain, the one you’ve been scaling since birth. And before your eyes you will behold the grand scheme of your life.

Being alone is not an Aquarian age option. Time is running its course; evolution is moving forward at an accelerated pace. Without a second to lose, climb aboard the train to the next station. You have a unique purpose in life. Old excuses will not work, only obscure your path. Heaven’s meticulous preparation in positioning you where you are in this moment demands of you greater commitment. This was your agreement prior to birth. Hope alone isn’t enough. You must consciously walk the spiritual path; and you will not be alone.

By doing nothing, those in spirit must extend themselves beyond their capacity. Pressure is building on the akashic field and in the Earth—read today’s headlines. Will you help us? Because so many on Earth choose to remain helpless, pinning their hopes on a glorious savior, heaven reels. Time to reflect upon the image in your mirror from a different perspective, as your purpose in life is staring back at you.