Monday, June 8, 2009

The Coming Event, Part 2

AT DEEPER SPIRITUAL LEVELS, EVERYONE is anxiously anticipating something monumental about to unfold. There’s a collective sense—verging on anxiety for some—that whatever is rounding the evolutionary bend will be more profound than anything previously known to have occurred in their lives. Exactly how it will play out no one can say with certainty. Whatever it is, most agree that it will dramatically change everything. Though such a paradigm shift—positive or negative—has been predicted for thousands of years in myth and sacred texts, and today through the analysis of geological, archeological, and astronomical findings, only now are those on Earth realizing it will likely occur in their lifetimes. The evidence is overwhelming. With advanced scientific instruments, the speed of internet communication, mankind’s heightened spiritual attunement, and an expanded understanding of quantum mechanics, evidence of a major change about to happen on the planet is more conclusive than ever.

Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly weakening, losing ten percent of its overall strength in just the past one hundred years. Though ten percent is far from critical mass, such a loss is significant. Each percentage point the field weakens, the faster it decays. The process could reach a tipping point within the next twenty seven years if an increase of carbon emissions into the atmosphere further compromises Earth’s magnetic field. Exacerbating the problem, solar storms have intensified in recent decades and they are expected to strengthen during the same period that the field is weakening. Solar flares eject massive clouds of electrically-charged particles into space. When these particles enter Earth’s atmosphere, they cause havoc to the magnetic field. Over the past three decades, they have disrupted power grids and satellite communications. Intense solar pulses could conceivably shut down large portions of Earth’s electromagnetic infrastructure as well as destroy stored computerized data. On such a scale, the planet would be immobilized. With computers and communications systems down, it would set in motion a chain reaction of devastating effects.

Those who live where streams of geomagnetic energy are weaker tend to be the avant garde of expanded awareness and innovation. Consider the low-magnetic coastline cities between southern California and northern Washington—an area the field is weak. From the movie-producing capital of Los Angeles, to the politically-charged towns of Santa Barbara, Berkley, and San Francisco, to the software and computer capitals of Silicon Valley and Seattle, innovation springs. What will happen if the entire planet loses a larger percentage of its magnetic field? Barring a reversal of the North and South poles, life on Earth would become a hotbed of creativity and expanded consciousness. And though some scientists believe the planet is in the process of a polar shift, the poles could be recalibrated by a shift to higher consciousness, reduction of greenhouse gases, and innovations that allow humanity to live in balance with nature.

One reason everyone senses something big about to happen is that there are millions of tiny magnetic particles vibrating in the human brain that connect to every other person, the sun, and to every magnetic field in the universe. These tiny particles, resonating in concert with Earth’s magnetic field, create a highly sensitive network between life forms, physical and spiritual. In resonating with one’s physical environment and the collective consciousness, whatever one thinks and feels is instantaneously transmitted throughout this network. So if everyone is sensing something big about to happen, that pulsation of knowledge has validity and must be taken seriously. The big question is: will that “something” break through into physical reality or will physical reality break through to higher dimensions? The answer depends on each one’s karmic filters.

For a clearer picture of what human evolution might look like in the near future, one must take inventory of the major breakthroughs that have expanded human consciousness over the past five hundred years. With the dissolution of fiefdoms resulting in more individuals owning land, the spread of democracy throughout the world, the invention of the personal computer, and the expansion of the world wide web, each event has been instrumental in breaking down the barriers between individuals, groups, and countries—barriers that not only caused physical divisions between humans but divisions in their psyches. In this age, instead of being subjected to the rule of inequality, more are taking responsibility for their lives. This is spiritual progress in the making. Factor in the scientific, medical, and technological innovations about to become reality, and freedom has no other place to go but forward, upward, and inward. Observe the ways in which individuals and groups treat one other today compared with even fifty years ago and the coming Event begins to make logical sense. And though there’s more freedom on the planet today than in any past recorded age, taking responsibility for oneself—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—is the next phase of planetary evolution. As a result, mankind will enter the Age of Wisdom—the obvious expansion of the Age of Information.

Over the centuries, each planetary breakthrough that expanded personal freedom came as a result of overcoming ignorance, intolerance, judgment, and most of all pride. Presently, the majority on Earth are evolving toward a state of greater acceptance of one another. In the absolute sense, souls are integrating with cosmic law. The natural state of consciousness seeks ways to resonate fully with God despite the ego throwing up barriers in the road. Considering the present alignment of stars and planets, and the baring of the galactic core in 2012, at a time when barriers are dissolving between individuals and freedom is expanding on the planet, what comes next is inevitable: the breakthrough of human consciousness to higher dimensions. And the coming Event will open the door.

Putting all of history's evolutionary breakthroughs into the mix, how might the future unfold? Despite mankind's spiritual and technological progress, there’s plenty of unfinished business in the realms of human relationships. Because of that, the future will undoubtedly take its own healing course in that direction. Until relationships are on the road to harmony, mankind's evolution will meander aimlessly along the precipice as it always has. But consider how the world would change if everyone decided to make a greater effort to get along? Only then would life in the third dimension become a joyous place to hang one’s hat.

Until that day, consider a world where the focus from birth to death centers on evolving the soul rather than creating division with others. A world where everyone devotes their time and talents to helping others rather than amassing wealth to insulate themselves. A world where everyone is free from want, and time is used to fulfill one's higher purpose. A world made up of respectful and supportive communities with easy access to wise elders. A world where each one manifests their needs by the powers of will and affirmation. A world existing in harmony with nature.

Or a world where telepathy is the mode of communication with those on Earth and those in higher dimensions. A world where one travels through time to mend karmic flaws or reconsider a different path. A world where the future unfolds in harmony with the Divine Directive.

Ramblings of a mad prophet? Musings of poet having lost his bearings? Hardly. These are utopian realities of the higher dimensions that exist parallel to the matter sphere. Farfetched? So were spaceships to the moon, cell phones, and laptops less than fifty years ago. Only when the majority on Earth assimilate these universal concepts and higher ideals in their consciousness as real possibilities will evolution move forward.

As mankind speeds toward a singular point in his evolution, propelling him closer in union with God, his sense of inner confirmation becomes increasingly pronounced. Even at his present evolutionary level he is capable of relying more on intuition than pure intellect. If only he were more Self trusting. As is known, those who rely on the balance of intuition and intellect effortlessly draw to themselves life's wisdom. Such is the path of spiritual mastery.

However, not everyone interprets their inner sense of the Event positively. Many view the world, government, and the motives of others with extreme suspicion. They see life through a half empty glass fearing evolution’s changes. Powerless, they believe the world is coming to an abrupt end. What’s rising on the horizon is more the Eve of Destruction than the Dawn of Correction. Because of their karmic resonance with the illusions of life, they subscribe to a myriad of negative scenarios: nuclear Armageddon, global pandemics, a one world dictatorship. Some believe a comet or asteroid will roar out from behind the sun and obliterate civilization. On the milder end of fear’s spectrum, others look to the Middle East for signs of Jesus’ Second Coming. They believe that if they are good they will ascend to heaven in a state of rapture while nonbelievers are left behind to burn in an eternal hell.

When those who operate from their egos are threatened—in real or imagined ways—their minds conjure up an endless stream of fearful scenarios for their lives and the planet. By succumbing to their ego’s seductive reasoning, they allow images of the lower astral plane to loop endlessly through their consciousness. Images that permeate everything they think, say, and do. Having placed their egos in charge, they become pawns in a game designed to milk them dry of their dreams and aspirations. By who or what? Entities of a different nature than those striving for oneness with God. And because the ego is ultimately ill-equipped to remedy complex negative scenarios, fear is magnified in irrational ways. Until one’s Higher Self takes charge, a hopeless picture of the future is presented. Their minds and emotions become clouded. The light that nourishes their souls dims. Having entered the astral plane’s House of Dark Illusions, these fearful individuals become susceptible to delusion, depression, disease, and ultimately an untimely death.

But because the Eternal Now is the epicenter of creation from which the Event, like trumpeting angels, originates, those who stand within its circle are protected. And since the Eternal Now is the door to union with God, those who cannot or will not enter remain at the mercy of what transpires outside its protective walls. By their karma, they will attract whatever chaos the coming Event churns up.

Those who view their personal circumstances and relationships from the positive end of the spectrum believe the world is only getting better. They are optimistic about life at the core of their being. And though they sense that something big looms on the horizon, most have not connected the dots between what that might be and how it's designed to evolve their souls. To them, life is following prescribed rules of social conduct and performing time-honored rituals such as securing an education, working a job, raising a family, attending religious services, and volunteering in their communities. They are relatively decent people who live quiet and unpretentious lives. Regardless of their social standing, they represent a large portion of the planetary population.

And though they might attend religious services regularly or merely live by the Golden Rule, rarely do they delve deeply into spiritual matters, for it gives them an uncomfortable feeling. Mostly, they depend on religious, government, and professional leaders to guide them. And because they focus primarily on physical reality, they see the future unfolding in terms of personal gratification. They believe life will get better through science, medicine, government, and various forms of entertainment. So unless a devastating circumstance occurs in their lives such as losing a loved one through death or divorce, being diagnosed with an incurable disease or paralyzed from an accident that forces them to tap life’s deeper meaning, they exist without giving much thought to their higher purpose.

Regardless of social and religious programming, they have a vague sense that something big is about to happen on the planet. But because they are not fully fortified spiritually, believing power and influence comes from one’s position and possessions, their vision is clouded by the illusions of the third dimension. However, if pressed, a reoccurring scenario might be that intergalactic beings will descend in starships to impart their advanced knowledge and technology to the world. Or perhaps ancient scrolls will be discovered from a past civilization revealing the secrets of time travel or immortality.

Though most know themselves through the filters of their physical senses, evolution has its own agenda and timetables. From the perspective of higher dimensions, those without an understanding of the soul’s higher purpose live in a confined and confusing maze. As enlightened beings, having walked the spiritual path for countless lifetimes, let us assure you that enlightenment is within reach. Though most on Earth are optimistic for the future, a positive one will involve a fierce determination. As with anything yet to come, the future is up in the air, so to speak. Though most envision greater progress being made toward oneness with all, only a small, determined--yet growing—percentage of souls are presently taking responsibility for a positive outcome. It does require making tough decisions and hard work to change.

The time is drawing near when everyone must realize their spiritual capacity and take more responsibility for their decisions and actions. Until a critical mass on Earth does, mankind will continue to exist in a netherland between ignorance and enlightenment. He will remain at the mercy of his ego and karmic circumstances. Those who continue to relegate their spiritual power to others will evolve, but slowly. And if those at the bottom of the totem pole don't make a determined effort, they will be left behind.

Awakened souls know that the Light of the coming Event will bring them closer to the Eternal Now, everyone’s source of love, wisdom, and spiritual power. Who wouldn’t want to be wiser in love, to find their soul mate and walk the path of contentment? Who wouldn’t want the key to unlock the secrets of life that transcend ignorance and suffering?

Those who intuit the coming Event in positive terms have already begun to bring their lives into balance and shore up their relationships. In their own capacity they strive to bring peace into the world. In emphasizing what everyone has in common with one another and nature, the illusions of the world begin to recede. As they do, because all in the absolute sense are one, those who prey on others stand naked in the Light. Groups, institutions, and religions that cause separateness through hatred, judgment, shame, or fear are being exposed.

Advanced souls realize the power of their minds and hearts and the effect they have in changing the quantum particles that make up physical reality. Through the ages these enlightened servants of mankind have been instrumental in laying the groundwork for the coming Event through unselfish acts of love, and service in their respective fields. Those in the arts and sciences, as well as politicians and those who maintain lifelong spiritual commitments, strive to awaken those who live only to gratify their lower senses, and empower those who do not think for themselves.

The Event will be the catalyst for the expansion of higher planetary evolution. Yes, there will be chaos. But after the breakthrough and reconstruction, most will realize the virtue of focusing their thoughts and imaginations into modalities that free themselves and others from mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage—for spiritual resonance is the precursor to every manifestation in matter. Knowing what potent affect each one’s visions, thoughts, and actions have in creating reality now and in the future, greater discernment of purpose will prevail on Earth. As a result, a purified collective consciousness will replace the old, limiting paradigms of greed and war with those that set the stage for a long period of peace and prosperity.

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Thank you for your clear view of earth changes and the vision of what can be here on earth.

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