Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Coming Event, Part I

THE COMING EVENT IS AS SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND as it is paradoxical. Simple, because, intuitively, it will open the “space” needed for the next logical expansion of mankind’s collective consciousness. Paradoxical because, for those who think and reason linearly, it’s impossible to envision exactly how such a breakthrough to the fourth dimension will affect the Earth. This is certain: How the Event initially impacts the planet is still unknown; but afterwards, regardless of how it turned out, its full effect will be felt for ages to come.

When mankind’s collective consciousness finally breaks through to the higher realms, life on Earth will be dramatically transformed. But unless a critical mass of souls act quickly and in unison to channel their thoughts and actions to create a saner, more balanced world, the breech between dimensions will cause unnecessary chaos and suffering. Like memory on a computer’s hard drive requiring periodic upgrades to handle increasingly more complex programs, the additional “space” the Event opens up will allow mankind to evolve more directly toward oneness with all.

Those spiritually attuned foresee the Event heralding a golden age, though the full blossom of that vision is far into the future. Some believe the Event will “take them up” to where they will spend eternity in heavenly bliss. In contrast, those who use their egos as reference points, predict the Event in catastrophic terms. Both scenarios are somewhat farfetched from the perspective of spiritual hierarchy. It will likely be somewhere in between, given mankind’s quotient of planetary karma still requiring mitigation, accumulation of evolutionary credit, and divine grace. As well, the Event will unlikely come as a massive rip in the quantum field forcing those on Earth to spill out of the third dimension into space like unbelted passengers near an open door on a pressurized jet.

More likely it will occur over time as small, calculated breeches so to maintain planetary equilibrium. Spiritual beings of the higher dimensions will assist in every way to stabilize the planet, for there’s too much to lose if Earth fails. As each smaller breech widens the portal between dimensions, time between breeches will give everyone on Earth an opportunity to catch their breath and reevaluate their lives.

Given cosmic timetables, astronomical configurations, and the singular point toward which consciousness on Earth is moving, the Event will certainly play itself out within the lifetimes of many living on the planet today.

Despite the support of those in Spirit, mankind’s present state of consciousness is sorely unprepared to dovetail neatly into the Aquarian Age. The transition from an ego-centric reality to one that promotes oneness with all will require unprecedented change. Without exception, the time and circumstances required will challenge every soul to their limits. Despite the chaos the Event will initially bring to every level of existence, higher consciousness on Earth is nearing a tipping point that will more directly propel mankind toward an ideal world. A breakthrough to the fourth dimension is imminent. Those who keep the spiritual balance must continue to do so with greater vigilance.

The approaching breakthrough, combined with the aftermath effects of an upcoming astronomical conjunction, will eventually push large chunks of the third dimension into the mouth of infinite realty. Regardless of how the Event plays itself out, either gently over the next half century or as a series of jarring breeches, the change it will bring will be the official opening act of the Aquarian Age. How it affects each one on the planet will depend on their level of spiritual attunement and their mental and emotional capacity to cope with dramatic change.

Early effects of the coming Event are presently being felt in every system and discipline on Earth. Fourth dimensional paradigms are already transforming the ways in which people think, create, and interact with one another. At every level of receptivity, individuals are being prodded on inner levels to shore up their positive attributes, shed wasteful habits, and resolve once and for all ancient conflicts with others.

On a global scale, the ways in which technology and science are bringing people closer together, goods and services are created and distributed, and information is gathered and processed is forcing dysfunctional countries, corporations, and institutions to be more accountable to those they serve. The world is rapidly transitioning itself from one of disparity to that of equality. There are more opportunities for souls to evolve in their unique ways than ever before. Increasingly, individuals are appreciated more for their humanitarian contributions than what they’ve accumulated.

Those who have succumbed to primitive human nature fear what lies beyond the horizon. This is understandable, given what they believe they must give up having to change the focus and direction of their lives. At this karmic vibration, whatever challenges their beliefs magnifies their anxiety. For the most part, these are not irresponsible, evil, or stupid individuals but those with difficulty seeing beyond the circles they have drawn for themselves in the sand. When forced to make life-changing decisions, they initially overreact. If more than their egos can handle, they retreat to their castles. And if unable to resolve their fear over time, they withdraw further into soothing traditions and delusional thinking.

Primitive methods of coping with the coming Event’s changes simply won’t work. The harder one struggles against the onslaught of change, the weaker the ground becomes beneath their feet. Unable to support their weight, they will be left with two choices at that critical moment: Do nothing and slip into a dark karmic abyss below, or become resolute and reach out through the wall of their resistance and firmly clasp the hand of a patient angel on the other side.

Consciousness is in a perpetual state of flux. In a free-radical universe conformity does not assure happiness. In Spirit and matter, atoms and electrons continually rearrange their vibration to accommodate every new situation and circumstance in your life. Give your consciousness free reign to adapt to the constant stream of change coursing through you. Resistance is tantamount to death.

Also, never allow outward appearances to fool you. Though some appear to resist change, in reality, they are battling on the eternal stage for their souls to be free. As a result, all of life is a Shakespearian play. So with the help of others and life‘s perfectly-tailored circumstances, the chances are in everyone’s favor their souls will emerge the hero. From third dimensional perspective, changes seem to take forever; appearing “just in the nick of time” for those unaware of the enormous spiritual preparation required to move one stone on its side. For this reason patience has always been one of life’s most important virtues.

Because change and consciousness are synonymous, and consciousness must continually expand, the coming Event, with all its upheaval, will bring greater peace, love, and happiness to those on Earth. Because mankind’s collective thoughts and deeds throughout the ages brought him to the threshold of this new reality, nothing can stop the Event. All anyone has control over is the way in which it unfolds. But who would want to stop evolution? Resistance to change causes pain and suffering. Since the beginning of time, evolution toward enlightenment has always been mankind’s unique destiny.

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